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Web Related Services

Content Writing:

Content writing is art that brings about transformation, from providing information to leading a reader to make a decision. As always, emphasized a good website needs to have information to be relevant, concise, and accurate. Sarovar is the best content writing company bangalore. Every website to be a platform for a good audience, has to be made available to the audience at all time to be it in the creative space or in the directional space. This is possible when the website is listed in the search engines referred. This is a stage process that involves:

i) Crawling by the search engines: There are algorithms of the search engines that identify new and updated contents on time-to-time basis whereby the website is identified by the search engines.

ii) Indexing: Once the website stands crawled the search engine classifies the website in various categories or rather are indexed in categories based on the content made available with the relevant key phrases.

Thus content writing is ensuring relevant contents that help proper identification and classification by the search engines by the usage of the right key phrases but also maintain a balance in terms of its usage without diluting the information needed to be made available. Sarover is the best unique content writing company bangalore.

Design Services:

As our approach has always been client centric, we assist of clients with also the design related creatives for the marketing and allied activities.

  1. Logo design
  2. Stationery design
  3. Social media creatives
  4. Wapp banners
  5. Marketing collaterals
  6. Event specific creatives
  7. Brochure designing

However, these are not stand-alone activities but add-on activities for our clients availing of our primary services. To get this services click here…

Social Media Optimization:

SMO: Social media optimization

Social media are technology-based platforms used for creating and publishing information, ideas, interests, concepts, and other expressions through a virtual medium.

The contents that add up to the social media are:

a) Text-based posts or comments
b) Images or pictorial representations
c) Videos
d) Data derived from online interactions

These platforms are focused on community activity and social connectivity, apart from being a user-centric and enable target audience responses.

While there are various such platforms, considering our niche of clients, our primary focus has been the Face Book. which encompasses the below:

a) Creation of an account / a page

b) Regular posting activities

c) Creation of campaigns resulting in impressions and likes.