Design of marketing collaterals

Marketing collaterals are media used to support the sales of your Product and Service. The term “collateral” refers to brochures or fliers developed as sales support tools. Marketing collateral is very important as having a website. That increases a business opportunity and while also serving as an informational tool and a reminder to buy.

At Sarovar Infotech, following are the list of marketing documents we develop to our customers that will benefit their business :

Business Cards : business card that has your business name, logo, address, website, email address, phone number and business slogan.

Service Sell Sheet : One-page sheet to summarize your main products or services.

Tri-folds : brochures with text and pictures describing your company, products or services and contact information.

Whatsapp presentation: Digitally designed document of your products and services, for marketing in whatsapp.